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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This module will equip the leaners with necessary skills to work within a SMME (Small, Medium, Micro Enterprise) environment, specialising in New Venture Ownership and Management. It will also offer entrepreneurial skills so that they can become more marketable for bigger contracts, including commercial and public sector contracts, for example the Department of Public Works programmes. This module provides a broad introduction to customer services and includes both internal and external customers. The focus is knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner's own context and experience of the world of work.

Upon completion the learner will be capable of:

  • Describing and discussing entrepreneurship.
  • Identifying own entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses in relation to opportunity identified.
  • Identifying and describing what marketing is in relation to new venture opportunities.
  • Conducting market research.
  • Implementing marketing plan
  • Negotiating a deal with a customer
  • Engaging in an interaction with a customer.
  • Demonstrating communication skills in responding to a customer.

Topics covered

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Profile of an entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Setting goals
  • The market place
  • The product life cycle
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan
  • Implement the marketing plan
  • Negotiate with a customer
  • Quotes
  • Tenders
  • Customer service
  • Interactions with customers
  • Communication skills
  • Process queries


This module is aimed at assisting potential entrepreneurs who have business ideas and wants to covert such business ideas into functioning business. Upon completion of this module, one will be able to:
  • Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business
  • Research the viability of new venture ideas/opportunities
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile
  • Produce business plans for a new venture
  • Implement an action plan for a new venture
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the function of the market mechanisms in a new venture

Topics Covered

  • Innovative Thinking
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • Fundamental Knowledge for a business plan
  • Prepare a Business Plan
  • Understanding the function of the Market

Introduction to Real Estate

This Qualification is for any individual who is, or wishes to be involved in the property and real estate industry, and it serves to support and advance the functioning of individuals in this industry. Upon completion of this module learners will
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Real Estate environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and apply the Real Estate Code of Conduct and ethics
Topics Covered
  • Introduction to REAL ESTATE
  • REAL ESTATE legal/ regulatory environment
  • ESTATE agency affairs act
  • Related legislation
  • Real estate stakeholders
  • Deeds office

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